"I had been seriously contemplating SisterLocks for a couple of years because I was very tired of putting chemicals in my hair. My biggest concern was that I didn't want to cut all of my hair off. After I did some research, I realized that I could get SisterLocks installed with permed hair. Once I made my mind up to get SisterLocks in 2014, I stopped getting chemicals in my hair. I got my SisterLocks March 17th, 2015 and I  have never been happier!! The freedom that I have is wonderful. I am very grateful to have found Vivian. She is professional, flexible, meticulous, know ledgeable and she provides the BEST service. I did have to cut some of my hair, but the rewards far outweigh the sacrifice! SisterLocks are not a "hairstyle" it's a lifestyle."


I do truly Love my Sister Locks. I was hesitant about them from looking at some of the terrible hair styles I saw on the street. It has been four years and I would not change ever. That includes my stylist. 

"When I came to Vivian I was about to either shave my head or combine my locks.  My hair had been destroyed by two others, and retightenings were so painful that I had to premedicate for the sessions.  I had given up hope of ever having the picture perfect locks that everyone else could seem to achieve.  I got to Viv just in time.  My head was a mess but she brought it back to life.  It was a long slow process but oh so worth it.  I love it that I NEVER have a bad hair day!  My hair is versatile: I can wear it up, down, straight, curly, in an edgy cut, with a wild color or anything  in between.  Most importantly, I don't HAVE to do any of that; I can just let it BE.  And it still looks fierce....  #5YearsLocked #Wouldn'tChangeAThing "

I absolutely love my Sisterlocks. Getting my locks was the best thing that I've ever done for myself. I love the fact that I never have a bad hair day! I love them so much so that I got my daughter some too! Vivian has been a huge blessing to our family she has always taken the time for me regardless of the effort involved. She does a great job on our hair and it's evident by the constant compliments we receive. Thanks Vivian!


I saw Vivian's outstanding work for years before she started doing my Sisterlocs. She is meticulous and takes pride in grooming and maintaining my, and my daughter's Sisterlocs. Her personalized dedication to her craft results in continuous compliments of the style, length, and color of my locs. No one will care for your hair better than Vivian.

Michelle J

I began my Sistalocks journey in April of 2008. I came to Vivian with what was a "hot mess!" I had spent my entire life living a lie filled with relaxers and extensions that were not kind to me. I called Vivian to inquire about Sistalocks and she was more than informative but very thoughtful and real about what the transition was about. After speaking with her on numerous occasions, I was convinced that this was the right lifestyle change for me. Seven years later I am fully enjoying my natural locks. Sistalocks are so versatile. You can style them for the boardroom to the ballroom to the bedroom :-). My hair is the longest and healthiest it has ever been in my life and I absolutely love them. It is only enhanced by my master locktician Ms. Vivian. Vivian is an expert in her craft and she has done something for me that no other stylist has ever done...make me feel awesome and proud of my natural beauty!


I have been natural for 4yrs now. I wore my hair loose natural for about 2 yrs before finally deciding to have sisterlocks installed. During my initial consultation with Vivian, she was able to answer all my questions and calm my nerves about this next major step in my life. I must admit getting my sisterlocks was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made! I LOVE my locks! And Vivian is professional, punctual, and patient with the her newbies. You won't go wrong having Vivian as your consultant!


I am by far and few of many people that knows what she wants.  I met Ms. Prince for my initial consultation and was ready for my full insulation that day to be informed it doesn't work like that. I scheduled for the next day.  It was and still is my choice for my lifestyle change. I've seen many of people's work and I have to say she's the best at her craft, and service's rendered.  And by the way I'm six years in and still loving my hair.
(God's LOVE Child.)


I love everything about my brotherlocks. They have taught me so much about patience, because they are truly a lifestyle and not a hair style! I feel I've grown into my brotherlocks. They didn't grow on me. There's no such thing as a bad hair day for me, for I respect my hair and it in return respects me! Vivian is very professional and extremely informed about the brotherlocks! Simply the best.

Thank you Ms. Vivian  for providing me with excellent service in maintaining my Sister Locs.  I have always been told,  "Our work is the presentation of our capabilities. My sister loc consultant  provides proper care and is dedicated to being available whenever it's necessary.  Thank you so much Vivian for your caring and providing professional natural hair care.


Your services are awesome the salon is always clean comfortable and  make a client relax as far as my SisterLocks I Love my hair it's more than I had expected sis Prince you are The Best as far as I'm concern I think some more clients will agree.


memphis, tn

I have worn Sisterlocks for the past five years and I truly Love them! I am a life long proponent for health and well being and this natural style fits very well into my plan for health and wellness. I have a loctician who is a true professional and delivers a quality product. She installed and has maintained my hair for the past five years. She believes in doing and recommending what is best for your hair. I highly recommend her whenever I am complimented on my "beautiful hair."

Naomi Swift